Power / Awareness / Compassion / transformation

I am Paul Garrigan and I am here to empower men to live their best lives, by providing them with their own personal blue print and road map for how to navigate their own unique journey, to get out of their own way and to simply own their unique gifts and talents so they can show up in the world as the man they were born to be.

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Do you feel lost?
Do you lack drive and ambition?

P.A.C.T stands for power, awareness, compassion and transformation. These 4 powerful energies are innate in man and built into who we are and deep rooted within our DNA and subconcious minds.

P.A.C.T is for any man who wishes to take their power back in life, who has become disillusioned with life and seeks to know who he is at the deepest level and to understand why he is here. Who wants to take action in his life and steer it in the direction of his choice, while turning his own inner darkness into his golden light.


Level 1: Man’s Journey of Self-Discovery is a 6 week self development program. Throughout the program we will journey together and learn what it means to you to be a man, we will work with the 4 powerful energies POWER. AWARENESS. COMPASSION. TRANSFORMATION and you will leave with a clear vision and purpose for transformation in your life to occur.

Each session we will sit in a circle of men and share our own unique life journeys. We will carry out various tasks which will take you to your edge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This will involve ritual, initiation and a rites of passage as we move through one part of the program to the next.


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Do you feel lost and lack drive and ambition? Do you seek a deeper meaning to your life?

Come and discover your WHY in life, define your unique talents and step into your POWER, live your life authentically and by your own design and values

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